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Why nuts are your new best friends

Why nuts are your new best friends | Power Run Energy


Today, we have decided to talk about a type of food that drives everyone crazy: nuts!

Nuts are full of health benefits and are the perfect snacks for athletes, here’s why!


Almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts… all these nuts are full of vitamins, fibres, magnesium, iron and more! They are also a good protein source which make it a great supplement for people who are vegan. Nuts can prevent deficiencies and allow you to get all the nutrients that you need. There are many other benefits to this great food: it helps reduce cholesterol levels, cardiovascular risks and even cancer!

Raw or in cereal bars?

If you love eating cereal bars then you probably already consume nuts on a daily basis. However, processed food like this are often filled with sugar or salt and the nuts can lose their nutrients in the transformation process. That’s why even if cereal bars are quite convenient to carry we would recommend eating this great food when it’s raw! Buying raw nuts is also a way to help the environment since you can easily buy it in bulk. Ditching the packaging aligns perfectly with the issues we face today with Global warming and you can find a lot of information about this online or at the zero waste festival that will be held in Montreal next weekend!

How to eat them

You can eat it as a snack, put it in your smoothies or even in your salads!

It’s the perfect snack between your meals because apart from all the great benefits mentioned earlier, they are also known to suppress hunger!

Eating them before and after a workout is also a great way to get a boost of energy as it contains proteins, carbs and fat! It’s amazingly easy to carry with you and you can find little zip bags made for this purpose online. This way, you can bring it with you wherever you go, whether it’s at work or when you go to the gym!

Must try recipe

To conclude, here’s the perfect smoothie recipe that will give you a boost of energy before your workout!


1 ripe banana

2 tbsp. of cocoa powder

¼ cup of oats

1 to 2 tbsp. of almond butter

310 ml of soy milk

1 measure of Pre-Workout Power Run Energy


  1. Put all the ingredients in the blender
  2. Mix until you get a smooth texture.

It’s super easy to make and ready to drink right away so enjoy!

Here at Power Run Energy we believe that variety is the spice of life so we encourage you to try out many recipes, like the ones from vegan chef Jean-Philippe Cyr for example!