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The science behind sweat, what happens?

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Do you want to lose weight or detoxify your body? Whether you’re an avid fan of hot yoga or a sweaty hockey player, this sweat that we flee in daily society is nevertheless more and more present in the sports media landscape.

A sign of great effort, perseverance and surpassing our limits? Not necessarily. This  chemical process engaged by our body is aimed at evacuating the heat produced in part by the energy generated by our muscles at work.  This essential, complex, yet natural phenomenon is often misunderstood.

Here are two things you need to remember about sweating:

Sweat makes you lose weight, but it doesn't make you slimmer.

Of course, when you lose a significant amount of sweat, you’ll notice a relative drop in weight on the scale right after exercise. Although sometimes encouraging, these short-term results are nothing more that a mirage for the ego. It’s the same basic process that occurs when you empty the contents of a full glass: it’s a temporary effect. Our body is composed of approximately 65% to 70% of water, so it’s not by relying on this smoke show of temporary dehydration that we can count on to lose weight in a safe, effective and healthy manner.

It’s the elimination of fat that will contribute most in achieving sustained weight loss while maintaining a muscular and healthy body. How to do this? Certain types of exercises combined with adequate dietary supplements will help increase thermogenesis within your body. This metabolic process promotes the elimination of fat by increasing calorie expenditure.

Note that a balanced diet with advice from healthcare professionals is recommended to ensure you lose weight for good while minimizing risks to your health.

Sweat cleans the body of many elements, even those that are essential for its proper functioning

Sweat plays the part of a high-pressure cleaner that carries and expels numerous harmful components from the body. These components accumulate in our system on a daily basis (pollution, toxins, heavy metals, etc...) and may affect the proper functioning of our body.

On the other hand, sweat does not differentiate between good and bad elements and transports them indifferently out of the body. It’ll also evacuate key nutrients such as mineral salts (sodium and potassium) that are essential in the body’s natural process of maintaining its hydration. To ensure that you replenish your body of it’s balanced salts evacuated by sweat, taking a quality electrolytes solution can go a long way. Electrolytes are very effective nutritional supplements in response to a targeted but crucial need of active people practicing any sport at any level.

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