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The Power of Antioxidants

Spring is coming back and the supply of fresh local fruits and vegetables will be in full swing again at the grocery store and at the markets. That’s good! A varied diet promotes the maintenance of good health. Here's a quick look at the favorites of the season and what nutrients they contain, making them great to eat:

  • Strawberries (antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C)
  • Artichokes (antioxidants, fibers)
  • Avocados (20 vitamins and minerals)
  • Blueberries (antioxidants, recognized to reduce inflammation, support brain health, act against heart disease, etc.)
  • Asparagus (antioxidants, low in calories, maintain good digestive health and low blood pressure)
  • Apricots (high fibre content, vitamins A and C, good for eyesight and skin health)
  • Watercress (antioxidants, low in calories, vitamins A and C, strengthens the immune system)

In our busy lives, between work, training, and for some, children or volunteering, it can be difficult to have a varied and balanced diet. For all sportsmen and women who care about their health, Power Run has developed various antioxidant preparations, fruits or power green vegetables. Nothing beats a fresh bowl of fruits but…. we got the next best thing.  W

Why bet on foods full of antioxidants? Because they’ll actively contribute to providing us with energy,  maintenance of our immune system and protect our muscle cells against possible damage caused by training.

For more details, find the full article of (TIME).

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