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Runners: Fall Has Come!

Fall Has Come | Power Run Energy


Once again, Fall is here! Days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder but that shouldn’t prevent you from working out! Here’s everything you need to know to exercise properly this season.

1. Take a deep breath

The air is cold and dry in Fall, it can dry up your mucous membrane and have consequences on your bronchial tubes. That is why it’s better to breath with your nose when you exercise, or even better: use a scarf to protect yourself from the freezing air.

2. Stay Hydrated

It is so important to stay hydrated, especially when you exercise! It’s even more important to drink your water in the Fall because the cold weather causes dehydration and that leads to a decrease of your performances and even injuries such as tendinitis. That’s why it’s so important to drink your water, before and after your workout!

3. Don’t forget to warm-up and stretch out

You are more likely to get hurt when you exercise in a cold weather because your body cools down faster than usual. To avoid any strain, it’s important to warm up beforehand. You can do it in the comfort of your own home before going out to exercise if you’d like, the important is to do it!

It’s also essential to take the time necessary to recover after your workout. Even if it’s cold and you are tempted to skip your post-workout stretching, don’t! On the contrary, you should give it more time because your muscles are stiffer when it’s cold, so it’s vital to stretch properly to avoid any kind of injuries.

4. Cover yourself

It is absolutely necessary to wear a suitable outfit when you start exercising again this Fall. Of course, you can still work out outside but you have to wear the right clothes. You cannot go out wearing T-shirts and shorts just because you know you’re going to sweat in a minute. You have to wear warm and breathable clothes and even cover yourself with a beanie and gloves if necessary.

5. Careful of the sweat

After a workout, you will inevitably be drenched in sweat. Staying in your wet clothes when you’re finished can make you catch a cold. To avoid that, it’s best to get changed right after your workout. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes and another pair of shoes to make sure that you stay dry afterwards!


To conclude, it’s important to change some of your habits when a new season comes by. Neglecting these steps can lead to injuries or even sickness so don’t forget to take in consideration all these little tips to stay healthy when you work out this season.