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Recovery in 5 key steps with Athlete Cindy Montambault

In the body, the effort continues after exercise because for muscle cells, all the work remains to be done to rebuild. We must evacuate the waste produced by our muscles and repair the damaged fibres. Whatever its level and discipline, it is therefore crucial to recover well.

There are also advantages in the short term (fewer aches, a next session more productive and pleasant) but also in the medium and long term (less fatigue, fewer injuries and a better axis of progress).

Here are some quick and easy tips from our athlete Cindy Montambault to optimize your recovery:

1- Take an ice bath after hard training.

2- Eat as soon as possible after training. Personally, if I do not have access to food or if I am not able to swallow anything (especially after a hard effort) I always have with me the recovery powder "whey isolate" to vanilla ! The important thing is to plan in advance your lunch or energy drink to avoid being caught off guard and having to buy food of lower quality.

3- Stand with your back to the ground, legs in the air and leaning against a wall. This position facilitates blood return and therefore better recovery.

4- Wear compression stockings as often as possible.

5- Drink a lot of water! The more one is hydrated, the more the blood circulates efficiently in the body and the better it transports the oxygen to the muscles!

Three pillars are essential for recovery: nutrition, hydration and sleep. A good recovery should take into account the mechanical plane (joints, tendons, muscles, etc.) but also physiological (the metabolism) of our body.

Stretching and massages can help, and consuming fruits and vegetables for minerals and vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids is also a healthy habit to take! Also remember to rest well between workouts.