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My sport coach tips - All you need to know about proteins

In my Sport Coach Tips, we ask Jeremy Gendron, private coach, to share with us his best advice to stay in shape and motivated!  

What’s the difference between the vanilla and chocolate flavour?

There’s no difference, it all depends on your personal taste. The chocolate flavour has more calories but that’s it! I personally think that Power Run’s chocolate flavour is delicious!

If I eat a lot of meat or vegetables, should I still take proteins if I workout?

It all depends on the quantity of meat and vegetables that you eat! Protein powders are supplements so they are easy and quick to include in your diet! For example, after a workout, you can have some to build up your muscles or it can be great for when you are in a hurry at the office! It’s a good alternative that will save you some time.

How do I know if I take too much or not enough proteins?

There are a lot of research about this but they are not very conclusive. However, it’s better to eat a large variety of proteins. For example, do not just eat tuna at every meal! It’s important to have proteins in every meal and snack because proteins are great to develop, repair, build up and maintain our muscles.