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My sport coach tips - All about glutamine

In my Sport Coach Tips, we offer you the advice of a professional coach to stay in shape and motivated! This week, we asked Jeremy Gendron, private coach, to share with us his best tips!

What is glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid very important for those who want to stay in good shape. It’s also the amino acid that you can find the most in our bodies.

Where can you find it?

Glutamine is everywhere in our food so it’s quite easy to consume it. For those who workout a lot, it’s highly recommended to take it as supplements after a training session because glutamine helps repair muscular tissues. Supplements are a great help since our body needs to replenish its stores after an intense workout.

What else can glutamine do?

Glutamine is known to help muscle recovery after a workout but there’s more! It also helps increase muscular growth and prevent catabolism, it helps burn fat, lowers insulin levels, stabilises blood sugar and it can improve your immune system!

When and how should you take it?

It’s best to have around 10 to 15g of glutamine supplements after a workout.