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My Sport Coach Tips - Holiday Special

It’s so easy to succumb and forget about our good resolutions during the Holidays! We asked Jeremy Gendron, private coach, to share with us his best advice to stay in shape and motivated even during this season! No more excuses, we have everything you need!

  • Make sure you save some time for a workout. Do not reschedule your session or change the time

There’s always a good reason to stay in the warmth of our home, whether it’s to watch Netflix, play a board game or just chat...but not this year! There’s no way you will let yourself go in 2019 and give up after all your efforts! Look back and see how far you’ve come and keep on the good work!

  • Limit the excess by allowing yourself a little treat once in a while

There is no need to completely deprive yourself or stuff yourself with food. You need to find a balance! For example, you can allow yourself 5 treats (a piece of Christmas cake, some cold cuts…) and then, you stick to your diet! Remember to enjoy your time with your loved ones without any frustration!

My Sport Coach Tips

© Jeremy Gendron

  • Workout in Family

You’re not the only one who loves going to the gym? Everyone loves skiing at home? Why not go together with your family! Whether it’s discovering the gym where your brother, cousin or friend workout, or it can be spending time with your family by doing a winter activity together… The options are countless! Even shovelling your backyard counts as a workout!

  • Subscribe, give out or have someone give you a gift certificate for a training session with a private coach

It’s much better than to give chocolate and it’s a great way to be a thoughtful consumer. What better gift than health! The best person to make sure you stay on track, other than yourself, is probably a private coach! He never runs out of ideas when it comes to good exercises, he will always listen to all your needs and he will keep you motivated despite the hardships!

That’s one of the best gifts you can give, and it doesn't take much place so that’s a bonus!