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Daily preparation and tips from mountain biking athlete Cindy Montambault

We asked our athletes to describe their daily exercise routines because we know that being on top of our sport often involves practicing other activities and/or additional exercises. These tips & tricks about what they do could very well become part of your own routine!

Today, it’s Cindy Montambault who shares her thoughts around the subject.  Cindy is ranked 107th in the world in mountain biking. An enduring and persevering athlete, Cindy is also a massage therapist.


Type of exercises:

  • I put a lot of work into my legs’ flexibility: hamstrings, quads, gluteal muscle, calves, mobility of the hips, etc.
  • I also frequently use a foam roller to help my muscles stay loose.  The more relaxed the muscles are, the easier it is to work them.
  • As a sports massage therapist, I often massage my own muscles as much as I can, otherwise I see another professional massage therapist.
  • I really like working out the core or "sheathing" to strengthen my stabilizers. I do a lot of board exercises. I set up a small routine of 15-20 minutes that I do on a regular basis.  


Dietary advice: Eat everything and balance!

  • Eat a lot of vegetables!
  • Try and select lean meats for protein
  • Choose the right sources of carbohydrates (wild rice, quinoa, etc.)
  • Pick the right sources of natural sugars (maple syrup, honey, etc.)


In a racing competition context:

  • I always do a "carb load" the day before a race, which means that I cut down a little on meat and vegetables and increase my carbohydrate intake.
  • On race day, my advice is to listen to your body!  You are the best person with the best perspective to know what you need!  In my case for example, I don’t eat anything within 3 hours before a race because my stress level slows down the digestive system.


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