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Can You Eat Too Much Fruit?

The question can make you smile and yet! Beyond the key nutrients for a healthy diet, such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber, beware!

Fruits are also a source of sugar (fructose) and although fruit sugar is less damaging to health than processed foods, people with diabetes should pay attention.

For others, even if some frugivores are healthy, an excess of fruit can encourage episodes of diarrhea. Other individuals may face more serious problems, such as actor Ashton Kutcher who tried this diet and ended up in the hospital with pancreas problems.

As a general rule, a healthy adult will not have any problem eating lots of fruit as long as it’s part of a balanced diet.

Good news! The high fiber content of fruits helps to send satiety signals to the brain, which often means that fruit consumption is self-limiting and overconsumption isn’t very frequent, according to Dr. Robert Lustig, neuro endocrinologist and professor. Emeritus at the University of California, interviewed by Time!

More details in the article:  https://ti.me/2wqG6V7