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By Our Side: The Role of a Certified Personal Trainer

"By Our Side" is a series of articles that give us the opportunity to showcase the people around the athlete who make their performances, their competitions and their victories possible. More accustomed to the shadows and backstage sort-of speak, their key role nevertheless makes them major assets in the athlete’s success. Discover these men and women through this series!

Jérémy Gendron - Entraineur privé certifié

"During a session, all my attention, my experience and my knowledge are put towards [my client] to maximize their individual progress!" 

            - Jeremy Gendron, certified personal trainer

A personal trainer, luxury or not? This is what we decided to explore by discovering the role of

Jérémy in the athletic development of his clients. Whether they are elite level or casual athletes, everybody is concerned!

The right movement, efforts in the right place

Nothing is more frustrating than a full class or an empty gym with no one to help and correct us when we feel that with some adjustments, the movement could be better or more efficient. For this, a personal trainer whose eyes are constantly on us, is definitely a plus. "During a session, all my attention, my experience and my knowledge are put towards [my client] to maximize their individual progress!" Says Jérémy Gendron, certified personal trainer.

Not to mention that once you’re decided and dedicated to putting in the work, you still have to build out your plan or follow that “one size fits all” plan in the gym that you’ve picked-up somewhere online. With a certified trainer by your side, you’ll benefit from a training plan that’s built for your needs, adapted to own pace and profile! "Right from the start of the training session, I have in mind what I want [my client to do] to advance in his training, taking into account his or her strengths and weaknesses, their abilities as well as their personal motivations and goals!" is what’s essential for Jérémy.

Jérémy Gendron | Entraineur privé certifié

A Lot of Fun, and Science

Even if we read up, inquire around us, spend time on online forums or discuss with friends, it’s just never quite enough. Unless we’re a certified trainer, we’ll miss bits and small details and that's where everything is played! A professional will be able to create custom exercises and explain their impact on our body and ultimately, on our performance.From bio-mechanics to dietetics, so many interrelated subjects for which, if we want real measurable progress, whatever our goal, we must be able to ask him.

With a coach, there’s also the possibility of tailor your training plan according to the available equipment. Either with his own facilities and devices, with what you have at home or with the machines at the gym, we’re always free to choose among endless options how and where we train. Above all, safety and progress-oriented exercises are what we’ll get from a custom plan.

Fading Motivation

“Often, people decide to hire a personal trainer to help change their habits and also because they don’t really know where to start." explains Jeremy. And it’s a very good reflex indeed!

One of the reasons that’ll keep you motivated is when you’re committed to someone who depends on you, who’s waiting for you, who’s worked hard to help you, that's why "having private sessions every week will help us get to know each other. It's important for me to create that unique bond with each one [of my clients], "says Jérémy Gendron.

Which leads to another motivation factor: variety! That's why Jeremy insists on mixing it up: "The absence of routine: having a constant repetitive routine will demotivate you. A certified trainer will make sure that the training plan is unique and personalized for you! Over time, we [can] work on the same muscles several times, but in different ways!"

You'll understand that just like everything else, you can always choose between a tailored 3-piece suit or just a standard jacket and pants off the rack and either way, you’ll be well dressed. When it comes to coaches, prices vary from one personal trainer to another but in most cases, you’re doing a better investment with a certified professional than buying a gym pass and never coming back after the first two or three times! And as Jérémy firmly reminds us: "In spite of their experience level, elite athletes always train under the supervision of a coach! So if you want to maximize results, you know what to do."

Questions for Jérémy Gendron? Feel free to leave them in comments or contact him through his Facebook page here.