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By Our Side, The Brand: Steph

“By Our Side” is a series of articles that give us the opportunity to showcase the people who often work in the shadows and backstage but whose roles are key to the athlete’s success. Discover them in this series!

This week, we’re talking with Stephan Leclerc, president of Power Run Energy, a committed, accessible and visionary businessman.


NSF, the recognition that crowns the process of manufacturing products with a guarantee of quality and safety for the consumer.

In the highly competitive world of supplements and the saturated market in Canada, Power Run Energy has always been committed to creating products that meet the highest standards in the industry, at levels not only required by health authorities but by prestigious,  independent organizations such as NSF. This certification is a seal of transparency and premium quality for the company that earns it, and it is indispensable for high-level and federated athletes to ensure they are not exposed to various banned substances.

An entry-level, in order to make accessible quality products.

“The problem we currently have in the sports supplements industry is that the consumer isn’t always able to tell the difference between a pot of protein sold at $19.99 in a supermarket and a pot sold on a website like Power Run, at $79.99 for the same quantity. Yet, it's the same principle as when you buy a box of cookies: a box can be sold at 99 cents and another $5.99. It's when you start reading the ingredients that the difference strikes you. Our goal is to have the least possible non-active ingredients, so the consumer gets better results. That’s why we created the White Label line which allows someone on a budget to get a quality product. This line doesn't have the NSF Certification logo on the bottle but it’s made under the same vision and rigorous standards Power Run Energy has set for its quality controls.”

In our quest to limit our product’s ingredients on the one hand and to provide quality, on the other hand, Power Run is committed to relying on science, without compromise. Whether it’s by finding a type of stevia that would taste good in order to eliminate sucralose in all our products, or with the use of probiotics carefully selected after conclusive clinical trials, no decision is random. “Based on quality, we want to develop a real community and also expand to the rest of Canada and the United States”, says Mr. Leclerc.


Having a close relationship with elite athletes (men and women in various disciplines) is amongst Power Run Energy’s core values. These partnerships are huge advantages for the concerned athletes, the consumers, and the general public.

Since the very beginning of Power Run Energy, these alliances have been essential for Stephan Leclerc: “It's part of our corporate entity: we want to give back to society and we know that no matter if an athlete is an amateur, semi-professional or Olympian, they don't necessarily have a lot of money. So we seek to provide them with quality supplements, but also visibility. This approach gives us an opportunity to participate in their success.”

But there are other direct benefits for the consumer too! Taste, efficiency, texture... All the supplements you take, pro or amateur athletes tested them previously! “Our ambassadors give us the opportunity to see if the desired results for a given product are achieved. We realized by working with our athletes that we could get a genuine feedback and their assessments are very important for our research & development team. It allows us to make adjustments while remaining very strict in regards to quality”, explains Stephan Leclerc.


“When we sponsor a sports club, I always ask for the opportunity to make a presentation. This way, young athletes can have a better understanding of the world of supplements”, states Stephan Leclerc. But he’s not doing it to sell. On a 45-minute presentation, Stephan devotes barely 10 minutes to his products. His main concern and message are beyond his brand: “I talk a lot about nutrition and lifestyle because I'm interested in giving these young athletes proper training and making them understand that if they neglect to keep a healthy lifestyle regarding sleep, diet and hydration habits, they simply won't progress.”

No success without putting in the work: supplements are made for supporting athletes! It’s necessary to understand their role to take full advantage.

And that’s good for everyone, students, young and promising athletes, semi-pros, pros and anyone who’s considering using sports supplements, Stephan insists that results are the harvest of a routine that focuses on effort and perseverance. Supplements, whichever chosen, are only one aspect of this routine. “Supplements are not medicine. It's like a side dish of a healthy lifestyle. If you don't eat well, sleep 8 hours per day, drink water, or have no other mental activities than the sport you practice... Forget about it! The supplements are not like a magic pill that improves your performance!”

So what's the use of supplements?

“We all have very busy professional, personal, and family lives, and sometimes it's hard to eat healthily. So what supplements give us is the possibility of supporting our routines. They will fill some gaps in our diet.” In the sporting world, amateurs must meet their physical needs; and supplements appreciably help to improve their results and comfort. Within the framework of a person who trains intensively though, supplements are absolutely essential. Therefore, Power Run Energy adapts its products for these specific needs, while remaining aware of marketing challenges: “If we create a new product, we always wonder what will make our product superior in comparison to those that are already on the market. But we are also trying to develop an outstanding product that meets the needs of 80% of the people who practice a sport.”