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“An Athlete's Journey to Success” with Simon Fecteau-Boutin

Because practicing a sport can be as exciting as it can be challenging, and because the path to fame is not always as straightforward as we expected it to be when we started, we asked our ambassadors to come back on their journey’s path through euphoria, discipline and overcoming. What keeps them motivated no matter what? Here are their stories and their secrets!

Good things come to those who wait!

Simon is a veteran athlete, a guy who has seen a lot of volleyball nets and grains of sand over the years. Even if he’s had his share of challenges, his perseverance and experiences feeds his unshakable thirst for victory while baring a beautiful philosophy. “I had moments when the motivation was harder [to keep] because I couldn’t find a partner who wanted to play on the world circuit and the wait was almost too long as I was on my way to put a stop on competition. It was hard not to be able to go to the next stage after all the training. (...) [But] the victory at the 2016 Senior Canadian Championship was a great moment of inspiration that pushed me to continue my career on a renewed motivation.”

Currently on tour in Morocco, Slovenia and Lichtenstein, Simon enjoys his career to the fullest. What does he prefer about his routine? “Living in the moment and putting all my focus on one goal. When I can afford it, the nap between training / games is very popular!” he jokes.

Playing sports, a good school of life, even for the job

“There are always unforeseen things! The process is often longer [than expected] ... you have to be patient. Success doesn’t always happen as quickly as desired. The veteran took a step back from his performances and despite some disappointing or difficult events, he drew a positive balance of everything he went through: “I’ve never had serious injuries during my career. I take good care of my body but I’m also lucky!"

And when asked what being a high-level sportsman did for him, without hesitation, Simon explains: "I have more confidence in myself and have more ease at solving problems. I also work better and easier with others since I practice a team sport.”.

 Simon Fecteau-Boutin | Power Run Energy
Photo: A picture of Simon from back in 2010.

Develop a multitude of talents ...

No mystery, physical activity is known to have positive spin-offs outside the field of training and competition. It must be said that to win, we can’t rely muscles alone! “I try to work on all aspects of an athlete's performance, not just the physical / technical.” says Simon. “I have not made a major change [in my daily life since I became an elite athlete] because I have good habits.  [However], there are always small changes that are necessary to make because we can always improve. [On a personal standpoint], the biggest change is working on mental preparation.”

... and sometimes lead a double life!

Playing sports, depending on the discipline, can also mean managing a double (full-time) job for the athlete. “I don’t practice a sport that is very lucrative and I have to combine training and work. It's not always easy and [it's often] very demanding. Says Simon, who is also a physical education teacher at a French immersion school in Toronto. If the concept of "family-work balance" is a puzzle for some, imagine adding the “daily training” factor in the mix!

But Simon Fecteau-Boutin is a big jolly fellow who still sees the positive in all of this: “I tell myself that I am lucky to be able to practice the sport I love at a high level. Just have fun and enjoy the experience! (...) Sport allows me to be in the moment and to take up challenges. It’s also inspiring to practice a sport in common with other people who are living the same aspirations”!

Speaking of aspiration, we asked him what he had set as his objective(s) for this year: “For the 2018 season, I want to step on the podium at a FIVB event (1 or 2 stars)!” he states.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to come discover more on Simon through our social networks and leave him a question or comment below!


*Note: The athlete’s quotes in this text were originally taken in French and translated to English.


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