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“An Athlete's Journey to Success”, with Nicolas Thirion

Because being involved with a sport can be both exciting and dreadful, because the path to glory is not always the straight path to the finish line that one expects when starting, we have asked our ambassadors to reminisce over their journey between the euphoria, discipline, and successes. What is it that keeps them motivated no matter what? Here are their stories and their secrets!

A committed athlete at the height of his ambitions

At 19 years old, Nicolas has already lost count of the number of medals, hours of training, and all the sacrifices that go with the life of a champion. “I have taken control of everything that I can control. Nutrition, sleep, physical conditioning, mental development. I meet regularly with specialists to evaluate where I am at in my training and continue to work in order to reach my goals.” And his goals are ambitious, but attainable. If you ask him for the moon, he will surely give you the stars along with it.

Nicolas Thirion - Power Run Energy

© Alexis Semeschuk

A student in natural sciences, he has models that go above and beyond; pioneers that gave their all for their ambitions and in whose footsteps Nicolas is following. In sports, he idolizes Alex Bilodeau double Olympic champion in mogul skiing and Adam Van Koeverden, Olympic champion in speed kayaking. In a different domain, he holds Elon Musk in high regard.

A young man who is curious, methodical, and determined

Like everyone else, Nicolas has experienced highs and lows and has known his share of disappointment. But recovery is all about drawing from past lessons with humility and with a good support system. “Thanks to the team that supports me, I am always able to find a solution and continue advancing further. It is also thanks to them that I can step back and catch my breath during difficult moments,” Nicolas emphasized.

Of course, with more than sixteen hours of training a week, and a way of life that revolves around his performances, Nicolas recognizes that “sports have a very big impact on [his] everyday life”. But, and this is, without a doubt, the reason he can hold such a demanding regimen: the positives highly outweigh the constraints and benefit all areas of his life, especially school.

Nicolas Thirion - Power Run Energy

“A session in the morning allows me to start my day strong with a clear and focused mind. I am very fit, and this gives me a lot of self-confidence in all that I undertake,” Nicolas remarks.

And while he has done much traveling for his competitions, training camps, and more, Nicolas cannot hide his delight with sports: “Sports brings together people with similar goals, despite their different backgrounds. I have met so many people and created unforgettable friendships.”

A sportsman on the cutting edge of technology

Fascinated by SpaceX and Tesla, Nicolas is very interested in technology. Lucky for him, sports is packed with tech! In regards to one trend he has seen growing year after year, he says: “sports, in general, are always evolving. This allows me, as an athlete, to be open to changes. A really big technological advancement has happened since I started practicing sports. Not only is the equipment we use being constantly updated, but also the tools that track statistics on the elite athletes have surpassed the imaginable.”

Is technology really a good thing for sports, according to him? Of course, as these new tools “allow us to truly push the limits of each athlete by creating a database in order to pinpoint what is important”. Each athlete can adapt his career to his vision.

We asked Nicolas what his favorite part about his athletic routine was, and unsurprisingly…: “Training!” he answered. “Whenever I finish a session, I feel a real sense of accomplishment!” When he isn’t training, Nicolas sometimes – sometimes – lets himself indulge in some chocolate cake while watching “The Office”. Above all, the life of a high-level athlete is a question of balancing one’s goals, and it begins with always maintaining pleasure in doing what one loves…