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“An Athlete's Journey to Success” with Leya Masson

Youth and wisdom go hand in hand with Leya Masson!

Our youngest ambassador is a cyclist who shows a beautiful philosophy of life and gives the sport all its nobility: maturity, priorities, health, concentration, she alone illustrates the benefits of a serious practice! "In addition to allowing me to spend my energy and keep my body healthy, I enjoy the sport and the competitions. It gives us the opportunity to push our limits and to surpass oneself."

Making choices and compromises

In order to climb among the best and access to podiums, you have to dedicate yourself to your sport! "The way we train evolve over the years. For example, I started gym training and specific intervals program only at around the age of 12.  I then got the help of a personal trainer and have been following a training plan for about 4 years now. The higher the level of competition, the more important it becomes to pay attention to smaller details." And it takes quite a bit of maturity for a young athlete to hold everything together and learn how to manage time and energy. "Although my sport is a big part of my life, I have many other occupations, such as school. So I have to make compromises and be set in my priorities, "says Leya.

Leya Masson mountain bike

Always come out better, win or lose

"Sometimes, a defeat may seem like the end of the world when it happens but a few years later, we realize that these results are not as significant. (...) It takes a lot of mediocre and bad races to achieve a great race where all the elements are favorable." says Leya. It must be said that the game is all worthwhile! When everything is falls into place and victory crowns a beautiful race, what pride! What a feeling of accomplishment! "Last year, I won my first ever Canada Cup at Mont-Tremblant," says Leya. "It was my first race in Canada of the season and I had no expectations. (...) It was a very motivating moment that allowed me to boost my self-confidence. Later in the season, I had my first National Team invitation to compete at the World Championships, a major achievement for me since this was one of my childhood dreams!”

Seeking motivation

It’s no secret that even the best experience less intense moments or phases where they feel a little less motivated : "There are certain days when the motivation/weather isn’t on our side, but training has to take place anyway. In those moments, it’s important to remember the long-term goals and the reasons why I practice my sport.” And to get back in the game, Leya has something foolproof: "I often imagine myself racing my favorite tracks and it cheers me up because that’s when I realize how much fun I have doing my sport. "

Leya Masson riding

Work hard and adjust your daily life

In addition to school and training, it’s an everyday thing for athletes to build up their strength and power. No surprise, since Leya has reached the elite level of her sport, she had to adapt as well: "I had to make some changes in nutrition and hydration. The older I get, the longer the races are. Therefore, I have to drink more during competition, take gels and energy drinks to be able to maintain high level of intensity longer." But Leya insists that although she has always practiced physical activity, even at a very young age, sport is above all her choice and an activity she likes. In this sense, our champion emphasizes that "the priority is to have fun while practicing sports and this is what we have to teach to the younger ones."