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“An Athlete's Journey to Success”, with Félix-Olivier Leclerc

Because being involved with a sport can be both exciting and dreadful, because the path to glory is not always the straight path to the finish line that one expects when starting, we have asked our ambassadors to reminisce over their journey between the euphoria, discipline, and successes. What is it that keeps them motivated no matter what? Here are their stories and their secrets!


Green, but sure: A Volunteer in his place!

Félix-Olivier is in his twelfth football season, and even though he is considered a “rookie”, number 18 regularly takes his place among the Cegep de Sherbrooke Volunteers at the start of every school year. This modest young man is actually a little proud of being on the team, and confides in us that for him, the best moment of his athletic routine is “when [he] puts on [his] football equipment before a game.”


Félix-Olivier Leclerc | Power Run Energy


In concrete terms, playing diligently and training with his team has allowed him to gain “a better endurance”, and he notes that today, he is “much faster and more nimble on the field”. In fact, even if he does not always secure the position he wanted, this year he is very satisfied: “There have been times that I did not get my desired position, but on the other hand, I am really happy with my position this year as defensive back!”

Even more reason to want to do his best for his team who is departing for the collegiate Gold Cup competition!

Supplements, a piece in the athletic routine puzzle

Like any athlete practicing a sport, Félix-Olivier has had to work on his lifestyle habits and take control of his physical and mental wellness in his daily life. “A better nutrition as well as a restful sleep and better time management” are the first things that he made sure to focus on in order to meet his athletic needs. And his efforts have definitely borne fruit. Félix-Olivier recognizes this himself, saying: “I am much more fit, I feel much healthier, more zen, and more positive in my everyday life.


Félix-Olivier Leclerc | Power Run Energy

In order to perform in every aspect, it’s no secret that you must eat well, sleep well, and organise yourself well, as Félix-Olivier confirms: “A better nutrition as well as a restful sleep and better time management” has served him well this year.

Félix-Olivier supports his frantic pace by including Power Run Energy supplements into the strict, sound routine he employs - “the half-time booster, the BCAA-electrolyte during [his] training and [his] matches, and the iso protein + after [his] gym sessions”.

A dynasty of champions

Félix-Olivier was well-taught by his father, Stephan Leclerc, the founder of Power Run Energy, who also happens to be his biggest fan. In fact, these two have a strong father-son bond, whether it be on the ski slopes, or when Félix-Olivier goes wakeboarding while his dad pulls, or even just discussing subjects they hold dear, from soccer to business. It is a sure thing, however, that discipline and firmness have their place, and Stephan has passed on his values of work and perseverance to his son… “I like to be optimistic. I am sometimes disappointed in my performances with all the time I have devoted to my training,” Félix-Olivier explains. “But I also know that everything I do to improve myself will have an impact one day.”

That’s the reason that Félix-Olivier exclaims through his contagious smile that the absolute best thing that athletics has given him is the drive to surpass himself in everything that he does; a winning attitude that his idol, Troy Polamalu, recognised for his intelligence in the game, his leadership on and off the field and his involvement in the community, would no doubt approve of.